Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: I’ve Got Google Glass!

Google Glass is really opening doors and creating opportunities! I have already had the adventure of a lifetime, as we crashed into LaGuardia airport on the flight to New York. I was on my way to visit the Google Chelsea Market location to pick up my Google Glass, when all of that excitement happened. And now, the same day that I picked up my Glass, the reporter who broke the story on the plane crash and my onboard video tracked us down to do a feature on Google Glass! Here I am, a Louisiana native, doing a feature story on this exciting new technology right out on the corner of Broadway and 5th in New York! Wow! I demonstrated all of the features of Glass. I took pictures, recorded video, did Google searches, etc. right there on a busy NY street. I used my Galaxy S3 to screencast everything and the demo went great. I let the reporter try them on and he was blown away when he spoke, “Okay Glass. Record a video”, and it started recording. He was amazed at the capabilities of Glass and assured me that he would definitely buy Glass once it’s released to the consumer. He told me that he would email me when it airs, and I will surely pass along the links to the readers of Glog Life. My first demo and it will be televised in New York! I am truly blown away by Google Glass and what this whole experience has brought into my life.

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