Sunday, January 5, 2014


"GOOGLE GLASS IS DOOMED!" So many "tech pundits" and tech websites are now repeating this mantra...but is it true? Naw, I don't think so. Since this is what's getting hits these days and Lord knows my poor blog needs hits, so I'm penning some thoughts on the issue.

Recently, Robert Scoble voiced his opinion that, if Glass were to stay in it's current state and Google released it in 2014 as some are predicting, then the device was "doomed". Honestly, I guess I can sort-of agree with that. As I see it, we've only scratched the surface with Google Glass and wearable technology in general. I, myself, am a Glass Explorer and have been in the ranks since July 24th of 2013. After 5 plus months of wearing this wonderful device, I have to say that the potential for this technology is amazing! In just the short life span of this wearable, we've seen several amazing applications taking shape in the medical field. In addition, we see several automotive companies developing hands-free "glassware" for Google Glass and other wearable technology. These are just two areas that reveal to me that Google Glass is far from doomed.

The biggest factor that tells me that Google Glass is NOT doomed is the fact that Google is smart. They know what the issues are. They know that Glass isn't quite ready yet. They also know that they have to find that right pricing point to set for Glass. And more than anything, they know innovation. So put away your umbrella, Chicken Little. The sky isn't falling on Google Glass just yet. In fact, I think that the future for this device has only just begun.

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