Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grilling With Google Glass: Episode 1

This video series combines my love of grilling with my geeky new Google Glass! This is the first and features me grilling a few loin lamb chops.

Monday, September 9, 2013


The Glass team released the next update for Glass, XE9, today. It introduces several new features: Vignettes, Sound search for music, Play videos through search, Reminder timeline cards, Nearby attractions, Nearby photo spots, and the best of all (in my opinion anyway), it enabled remote control functionality through the MyGlass app.

The sound search "listens" to whatever song you listen to and returns Title and Artist info...

Vignettes takes whatever is viewed in the HUD at the time a photo is taken and after a quick tap, can overlay it on the photo...

The video search feature can even search YouTube videos by title. This is the result of "Gangnam Style" as a search...

These features as well as the Remote Control from MyGlass addition have really taken Google Glass to a new level of practical usability! Thanks to the Glass Team and here's looking forward to more great updates!