Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Google Glass Experience

I arrived with great anticipation at Chelsea Street Market on Wednesday afternoon. It was 1:00PM and the time had finally arrived. I was about to experience the cutting edge in new technology! Google Glass. What is Google Glass, you ask? In brief, it’s “wearable technology” that embodies Google’s philosophy that technology and information should be readily available in an instant, but it shouldn’t be obstructive or intrusive. It is a “mini-computer” worn on a frame similar to eyeglass frames. It has a prism HUD (heads-up-display) that gives information with a simple upward glance. Time, Weather, Google Search, Maps and navigation, Full Web Page Browsing, etc. all available through this amazing device. Now, I am getting a pair and assuming the role of “Glass Explorer”. Glass Explorers are early “beta testers” who get to use this device before it is released to consumers.  We put it through the paces, discover bugs and limitations, and find uniques uses and applications, all in an effort to make this amazing technology the best it can be.

The “Google Glass Experience” as it has been aptly named was great! The guide who helped me fit for my Glass let me try on each color to see which I liked best. I chose the shale. Then he helped me sign on and configure my device, which is tied into your Google account. He showed me how to use voice commands to take pictures, record videos, get directions in Google maps, do Google searches and many other fantastic tasks done right through the device on my face! Wow! The experience and Google Glass are even more exciting than I had imagined! My wife and son accompanied me on the appointment and they were treated wonderfully. My wife enjoyed complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, and even got to try on Google Glass for herself. All in all, it was a magnificent experience that I will never forget!’s time to put Google Glass to the test. It’s time to start living THE GLOG LIFE!


  1. Greetings, did you get yours at the NYC 8th Floor Chelsea Market building?

  2. Yes, it was the Chelsea Market location. I forgot to put that in there, didn't I? :(